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One on one training sessions designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Our trainers will hold you accountable for your activities and help motivate you to reach your goals by continuously presenting fun but challenging workouts. You will learn to improve your body's functional movement through the use of safe and effective exercises that will keep you energized and take your life in a whole new direction.




Engaging in group personal training has many benefits! You have a support system that bestows you with a wealth of encouragement and motivation for continuing your fitness routines. Xtreme workouts, motivation, encouragement, and fun are just around the corner!


All trainers are independent contractors of Xtreme Fitness 24/7. Availability and rates may vary.

Please note: All sales are final at the date of purchase.


Grant Rose is the manager of Xtreme Fitness.  He  brings over a decade of gym management and personal training experience to heip you acheive your fitness goals.


Kevin is a ACE certified personal trainer.  Kevin has always been into Fitness and knowledge of the human body.  He had a personal set back with an illness which lasted 14 years.  This experience showed him that a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition was critical.  Please Join Kevin on your health and fitness journey.

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Farris has been involved in many sports & practicing yoga for over 12 years. After having her son in 2016 she decided to start her own fitness journey at Xtreme. She is studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant & is obtaining her YTT200 certification. Farris invites you to join her on your health & fitness journey.

ISSA Certified Trainer with a 10 year background in the sport of Powerlifting.   Current holder of several State & National Powerlifting Records from multiple federations and across several weight classes. As a multiple sport athlete from the ages of 6-18 I can say that fitness has truly been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I am now looking to help others discover their love for fitness as well.  I am currently focused on Youth Strength & Conditioning and 1-1 Personal Training for Youth & Adults.  I design personal, custom-tailored programs for every clients unique goals no matter what they may be.  


For a complete bio - including my professional certifications and my unique approach to fitness - simply follow or message me on Facebook@travisleepercpt.








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